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Hello, i am korosama. 20 y.o prep school student based in France. I enjoy otaku culture, especially denpa visual novels, Iyashikei anime and military lolita aesthetic. Antinatalism, Minimalism, Permacomputing, and Free software are some of my core principles. This website is my contribution to the free internet. If you want to establish contact, my mail and pgp key is available on the contact page.

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Software I use

This section includes most of the software I use/recommend. Only free as in freedom and opensource software is included. I Also emphasize on using software that is minimal. My config files for the software listed is available in my dotfiles repository (see project page). Maybe a note about my hardware too ...


My main system is a sturdy Lenovo Thinkpad X220 running Void GNU+Linux. I use the dwm window manager and the st terminal. My System is built for using the terminal as much as possible and vim keys are used everywhere.

An old Packard-Bell laptop runing Debian 11 GNU+Linux serves as my home server. I mainly use it to store weekly backups of my /home. I use my old Thinkpad T400 to run a Tor node and a Raspberry pi as a media server.

Web browser & search engine

Curently alternating between based qutebrowser and le shill lion.

I use the privacy respecting LibreX search engine. It gives very good results even if i'm frenquently making queries in french, plus the torrent search is very usefull for quickly finding torrents for movies and such.

Mail Client

I use the best E-mail client in existence : Neomutt. Fast, lightweight, minimal, runs in terminal and you can use vim keys ! Setting up Neomutt used to be a chore but the awesome piece of software mutt-wizard does everything for you.

RSS Client

Social media is utter garbage so I use RSS for reading blogs, news, and watching youtube. I use the Newsboat client which is light and exentensible. It runs on the terminal and has many benefits such as custom keybindings, macros and color configuration.

File Manager

I use the very minimal and exentensible lf terminal file manager written in Go. To preview files, i use ctpv.

Text Editor