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Officially starting my Japanese learning journey ! ! ! Really excited to be able to read all kinds of light novels, watch JP livestreams (and understand what's going on) and play a bunch of obscure VNs ! I currently am learning kana with the Hiragana pro mobile app and experimenting with watching anime without subtitles. So far it's been really exciting & interesting and exploring the resources available on is a lot of fun ! I'll probably log my progress here.


It's been a while since I've noticed some BMS progress. I've been clearing a few 4★ with my controller, it's good to be back to my KB level.

I won
I stitched up one of my biggest wounds, I have gained ultimate power. Now, whenever I need to I can talk to my journal. Even if the whole world keeps ignoring me and ostracizing me, I have a simple low-tech device capable of filling the void. I can stop my search for the Genshiken, the journal is answer to all.

I entered the computer in 11/05/2020 and left it three months later.

Always remember that the only reason we are playing unpolished shit games like LR2 or beatoraja is that they are free replacements of IIDX. Therefore I will do everything in my power to bring IIDX content (also called "illegal content" by cucks) to these clients.

Discord is fucking cancer. Just the mention of this piece of shit proprietary spyware makes my blood boil. The worst part about it is that whole "discord culture" shit. I'm talking about those so called discord "memes" which are the most unfunny garbage you can find on the modern internet. Every single one of them can be summed up by "ahah you know that moment when [Common situation] happens on discord ?!". Even worse, the fucking youtube thumbnails with the discord messages. Retarded stale shit. So yeah, use Matrix instead kids.

I'm ditching BMS the second that I manage to make Infinitas run on Linux. Tired of playing the same 10 decent charts because the rest of BMS is just stupidly difficult and terribly charted. And don't get me started on the absolute dreadful "music" produced by BMS """"Artists"""" and non-sensical BGAs.

Haruhi Suzumiya is so fucking bad. Stupid setting, stupid unlikable and uninteresting waifu bait characters, stupid unimaginative story. Summary : A team of 4 retards spend 14 episodes trying to entertain a retarded BABY or else the world gets destroyed for some reason. And please stop typing your 2000 words essay on how haruhi is an insightful critique of japanese society you fucking redditor. No moe, no character development, no nothing. The only good thing about the anime is the first ending which is pretty catchy.