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Introducing my D&D character

Ever since I’ve started playing D&D a few years ago, I have always endorsed the role of Dungeon Master. No matter how many games I participated in, each and every session has been really fun to prepare and full of unforeseen events.

Now is the time to make my debut as a player ! The character I’ll be playing is Darik Lodred, a veteran human Ranger of the Chondathan ethnicity.

Portrait of sir Lodred

(made by @OkLauchew on twitter)

This character is meant to be specialized in perception, investigation and tracking. His fighting style is centered around crippling and wounding his foes with traps, and then executing them with his light crossbow. When engaged in CQC, Darik unsheathes both of his short swords to unleash a storm of steel on his foes.

Character Sheet

For those interested : [Character Sheet]


Darik was born in a family of peasants living in a small village of the eastern heartlands. Upon a fateful day, an army of allied goblins and orcs raided the village. They killed, raped and pillaged until only corpses and ashes remained. Only the young Darik and a few men of his village who were out hunting at the time survived. Upon discovering the remains of his family, Darik vowed to avenge his village and exterminate every vile beasts.
For 30 years, Darik roamed the lands, tracking and killing vile beasts and sharpening his skills. During his travels, sir Lodred joined a small band of elves who shared his goal of protecting the common folk. It is during that time that Darik learned their language and their customs.
After mastering his fiend killing techniques, Darik decided to travel further west to take on more challenging opponents.


We decided to do the classic “Curse Of Strahd” campaign taking place in the Ravenloft setting. This choice was inspired by this superb Dungeon Synth album “Strahd’s possession” by Corvus Neblus, link here :


Thank you for reading.